Add a personal message. It can be engraved by laser or machine in one of our eight fonts, or you can upload a customer’s own handwritten message. Six color fill options are also available.

Mark your special occasion with a personalised message. Typically we engrave rings, especially wedding rings, necklace pendants.

Looking to add a distinctive personal look to their jewelry with these options. Choose from engraving, monograms, special finishes, and laser patterns to complete your personalized jewelry.

Consumers are shying away from mass-produced objets-d’art. They expect everything they hang on their walls to be a reflection of their personalities. It goes without saying, then, that they expect their jewelry to be just as personal, if not more so. The more handmade-do-it-yourself-thinking-of-you-always a piece is the better. Websites like Pinterest and Etsy are fueling the craze. Are who want something unique? We offer engraving as the solution. Engraving takes an ordinary object and assigns a value that’s richer than gold. Because what’s more precious than gold (besides platinum, that is)? Sentiment.

Special Finishes

Make a customer’s jewelry unique by adding a special finish to the outside. Seven different finishes are available and can be ready in time for delivery in two days.

Laser Patterns

Apply a laser pattern that fits your customer’s style and personality to the outside of a band. Choose from 12 patterns that can be ready in time for delivery in three days.