Jewellery Repair

Jewellery Repair

Jewellery Repair

Le Skript on-site master jewellers and repair specialists have over thirty years of experience, servicing the community with the very best quality repair, adjustments, diamond setting, restoration, and more. We combine old techniques and skills with the latest technology to provide the very best in jewellery repair and maintenance. Our quality of work is unmatched. Free estimate contact us today!

  • Stones Supplied & Re-set
  • Repair or Re-polish Stones
  • Clean/Polish Jewellery
  • Chain & Bracelet Repairs
  • Solder Charms
  • Repair Earrings
  • Ring Repairs
  • Ring Re-sizing
  • Re-shank Rings
  • Settings Re-tipped, Re- Clawed, Replaced
  • Rhodium Plating White Gold
  • Repair Pendants, Re-build Bales


We can size your ring larger or smaller to fit your finger perfectly. We will ensure your ring is the perfect fit and that it slides comfortably, yet firmly, over your finger. Regardless of the ring being sized up or down we will do a seamless re-size.

When a ring size is altered it can loosen the stones in the setting. As part of our work we will check and tighten all of your gemstones to ensure their safety. If your ring is white gold we will include rhodium plating to give your ring a brand new shine.

If the ring is going up in size we insert a new section to make it larger. If the ring has engraving we will repeat the pattern to make the sizing as invisible as possible. We will also ensure if there is an engraved message inside we will cause the minimum disruption to it, if any at all.


We undertake repairs and maintenance that other jewellers won’t or can’t do. All jewellery repair work can be guaranteed. Our standard of workmanship is unequaled.

The shank is the band of the ring wears out over time. Re-shanking is a great way to extend the life of a ring. Wearing rings on the same finger, they tend to wear against each other and usually the higher karat gold ring wears first as it is slightly softer.

Re-building the setting or Resetting – Is another repair that we do. We can make it more structurally sound, it can help to celebrate a major milestone in your relationship or maybe you are just ready to give your ring a new look.

Damaged or missing components – Sometimes parts of rings just get damaged or broken off. We can re-create perfect matches to make your ring look new again.


Maintaining the claws on your rings is a must especially if you don’t have your claws regularly checked.They can have been knocked out of line or worn thin that your diamonds will simply fall out. We will check your claws for no charge. We recommend having this done every year.

if you wear your ring; replacing missing claws and re-tipping claws – The claws holding the stones in place can get worn. If your claws are worn we will strengthen old ones by re-tipping the claws or replacing the claw completely if this deems necessary for the security of your gemstone.

Don’t take the risk of losing a precious gem. Come in now for your free check.


We can revive your jewellery back to it’s original state with our professional ring cleaning and polishing service. Daily wear and tear slowly dull the sparkle of your jewellery. Your precious metals get scratched and scuffed from everyday wear. We will buff your jewellery to a high polish with our specialised mops and polishing rouges. Gemstones also require cleaning as dirt and grease gets stuck underneath the stone causing them to look dull and lifeless. Our industry specific professional cleaning equipment is required to give your precious jewellery a well deserved treat.

We have two levels of jewellery cleaning service. Please inquire about our cleaning services.

If your rings are white gold they may also require rhodium plating. Rhodium plating gives your white gold a beautiful shine and prevents it from tarnishing. It also helps the gems to look brighter. Rhodium plating is a maintenance service that depends how ‘hard’ you are on your jewellery as to how often it needs doing. Expect to have it done every 2 or 3 years.


It is very risky to fit charms to bracelets without having the links soldered permanently. We solder charms on bracelets, gold or silver. We can supply larger jump rings if required. We also carry a small range of charms and order any as required. Makes a great gift for grandchildren.


Replacing or re-building clasps/catches is one of the repairs neck chains and bracelets require. We can replace standard clasps usually cheaper than re-building or repairing the old one. If the clasp is more of a unique design we will endeavour to repair that one. If it is beyond repair we can usually make a replica if required.

Chain links break from time to time. Re-joins is a straight forward repair.

Sometimes well loved chains will show more wear at the end links and cap ends. We can re-build those so you can continue to enjoy your chain.


Adapting earrings from clip-ons to pierced or vice versa changing earrings to studs or drops.

Fitting screw-on threaded posts and scrolls for high value earrings.

Swissbacks is another innovative design as an alternative to threaded posts. No backs required.


Rhodium is a a hard silvery-white metal of the transition series, typically occurring in association with platinum. If you feel your white gold jewellery looks dull and has lost it’s shine it probably needs to be rhodium plated again. Rhodium plating gives white gold jewellery a superb white shiny appearance and stops it tarnishing. We also rhodium plate white gold settings on yellow gold rings. This really makes the gemstones look super sparkly.

You may have found your rhodium plating has not lasted for very long. Some manufacturers and workshops only do the minimum plating. You can’t tell how thick the plating is just by looking at it. We make sure to give your rings a really heavy plating so that it lasts several years.